Construction of Express Road A3 Stip – Kocani, section Stip – Krupiste

On 22.05.2018 GD Granit AD Skopje and DG Beton AD as parties of the consortium signed a contract with the Public Enterprise for State Roads of Republic of Macedonia for Construction of the section Kriva Palanka – Dlabocica. The construction of the first section from Kriva Palanka to Dlabocica is one of the important infrastructural projects that will ensure modern infrastructural connection of Macedonia with Bulgaria.

Construction of motorway Miladinovci – Stip – Sv. Nikole

The launch of two major infrastructure projects on the territory of Macedonia in January increased the mobility for the successful execution of projects by the Company as it opened two new regional entities specializing in the performance of projects and RE Highway Kicevo-Ohrid and PE Highway St. Nikole Stip.

In the early summer of 2014, with the introduction of GRANIT into the work for the two infrastructure projects on time approached towards preparing the ground for the construction of projects and then creating new jobs.

New and modern machinery was purchased as well as appropriate training of workers and staff in order for the full engagement of the facilities of the company.

Design and construction of highway Banja Luka-Doboj section Banja Luka-Prnjavor

Highway Banja Luka-Doboj is part of the north-south future pan-European Corridor V-c and is located in the Republic of Srpska.

The highway will have 4 new tracks (two double tracks) with a length of 35,3km (out of which 14,12km has been awarded to Granit AD Skopje)

From the west towards the east between Banja Luka and Prnjavor is the eastern section of the planned highway with a length of 71,91km which is connecting Banja Luka to the new Corridor V-c near Doboj. In one direction the average width is 10.7 meters which consists of two lanes that have 3.75 meters width and one lane for stopping and has striped markings.

The project will provide facilities for maintenance of the highway, centers of maintenance, sensors to monitor traffic, communcation equipment, signaling and patrol vehicles.

Within the project there are planned facilities for users such as resorts, petrol stations and car parks, as well as pay-tolls.

The highway is located between the river Vrbas and from a hydrographic aspect is densely intersected with smaller rivers like Gumjera, Crkvena reka, Lishnja, Ilova, Osinnja. The highway is crossing through the municipalities Laktashi and Prnjavor.