Height: 46.40 m
Concrete: 10.567 m³
Base surface: 18.980 m²
Reinforcement: 1.417,2 t
Duration of Construction: 323 Days
Mak Autostar Skopje
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Height: 115.58 m
Concrete: 4.401,87 m³
Top surface: 26.39 m²
Base surface: 111.10 m²
Reinforcement: 766.000,00 kg
Telecommunication tower, Skopje - Vodno
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We have built the roads you drive on, the bridges you cross, the dams you depend on and the runways your planes have taken off from.
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The Annual Shareholder meeting will be held on 19.06.2018 at 12 o'clock in hotel Granit, municipality Kozle in Skopje.Read more...

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About Us

Granit provides innovative construction solutions to complex infrastructure projects across the world for more than 60 years, and counting

What started as a company for construction of roads for the requirements of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia” in 1952 has now grown to be the largest Macedonian civil contractor.