At the 22nd annual conference of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, which was held on September 26 this year, the Director of the Financial Department of GD Granit AD Skopje, Mr. Goce Hristov, took part as a panelist.

At the panel discussion “What did 2023 bring us?”, Mr. Goce Hristov shared his thoughts on the current economic and financial flows in 2023 and future perspectives, emphasizing that the economy in the period from 2020 onwards is facing the challenges imposed by the covid crisis, as well as the crisis that arose as a result of the military actions in Ukraine, which resulted in an extreme rise in the prices of raw materials.

In such conditions, there were no protective mechanisms that would cushion the impact, especially in construction where the projects that are carried out last for several years, and the same are either with fixed prices, sliding scales with a large fixed component or with inadequate indices and parameters. The construction industry also faces a serious lack of qualified labor and Mr. Goce Hristov emphasized that this is one of the challenges that we will deal with in the period ahead.

Sasho Arsov, Professor on the Faculty of Economics, University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Branko Greganović, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLB Bank AD Skopje, Vilma Ucheta Duzlevska Chairman of the Board of Directors of Triglav Insurance Zagreb and Vasko Mitev Executive Directorof Ilirika Investments Skopje also took part in the panel discussion. The moderator of this panel was Ivan Shteriev, Chief Executive Officer, Macedonian Stock Exchange, who explained his thoughts regarding the challenges from the economic aspect.