Award for Best Manager and Best Company in Europe for 2015

The prestigious European event “Best European Manager” which this year was held for 32-nd time, for the territory of Bosnia and Hercegovina, SouthEast and Central Europe was awarded to Mr. Strasho Milkovski – the President of the Management Board at GD Granit AD Skopje. Also the company “Granit” was awarded First Position from the industry for the stated region. This exceptional and internationally verified award was issued by the independent regional Agency – the European Association of managers and the prestigious magazine “Euromanager” to Mr. Strasho Milkovski and the company “Granit” for the many years of successful work and achievements with high developmental quality.

This award falls under the seven most respectable awards in the world and it is based on very strict and high criteria on which there is an identification, naming, affirmation and promotion of the most exceptional managers and successful companies in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Europe. This represents a highly acclaimed status “Best Manager and Best Company of the year”. The award, selected by a panel of judges coming from successful managers and businessmen who select among each other the highest quality overall.

This “Oscar” for the best manager in Europe was awarded to Mr. Strasho Milkovski at an award ceremony in Sarajevo on July 3rd 2015. Numerous representatives from almost all companies in the region attended the ceremony.