Notice to the shareholders: Dividend payments

We inform the shareholders that the Company will commence with the payment of the dividend before 15.09.2016, as a date determined with the adopted Decision for payment of the dividend no.12-9141 on the Shareholders meeting for 2016. The payment will begin from 26.08.2016

For the need of timely completion of the information of the shareholders, for the payment of the dividend for 2015, the shareholders need to submit a copy of document stating the bank account number and copy of identity card with signed statement (attached).

Shareholders who have received dividend for the previous years, if the information are still valid, do not need to re-submit these information.

The information should be submitted at the following address:

GD Granit AD Skopje

Dimitrie Cupovski 8, Skopje

– for dividend 2015

For any additional information reach: 02 3218 713