Road Construction


Road Construction


Road Construction is the core business for GRANIT

For 57 years of active operation, GRANIT has constructed over 820km of highways, 6064km of roads, excavation and filling in hundreds of millions cubic meters of earth, and building in several million tons of asphalt.

Combining best engineering practices, methods, techniques, designs and ideas from the past and present are what GRANIT is made of. Today GRANIT has grown into a company where teamwork and maximal engagement with the clients is strongly encouraged, using up the whole potential in all of the activities.

The roads that GRANIT builds or reconstructs are delivered with the highest quality and guaranteed durability

Main activities encompass construction of buildings and infrastructure outside of Macedonian borders. GRANIT has been active internationally and executed works in Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

Currently present in Ukraine, Croatia, Albania and Kosovo mainly executing works on roads, bridges and airports.